Upskilling on a budget

Upskilling is all the rage to remain relevant in today’s workforce, and for good reason. Learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge is an effective way to improve job performance and advance in a career. Increased job security, higher salary potential and improved job satisfaction are additional benefits to employees and job seekers who upskill.

But where can you turn to upskill? And is it worth the investment? The answer to the latter, is yes. You can build your skills effectively on a budget; here’s a couple of cost-friendly ways you can expand your work horizons.


  • Let the government lend their hand.

Last year, the Federal government announced they’d be investing more than $1 billion for fee-free TAFE in 2023. That means right across Australia, hundreds of thousands of vocational training courses were now no-cost for employees or job seekers looking to upskill. You can check out the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations website to find out more information and see what’s available. 

If studying at university is more aligned with your goals, the government also offers a variety of  scholarships and research training programs. This is a longer term investment of your time than other training options, so consider if its possible for you to take three to four years, or more, to achieve your qualification. Many tertiary qualification can also lead to higher salaried work, so take that into account.

State governments also employ a number of programs and supports for job seekers. They want their local workforces to thrive and  offer a variety of ways  to improve business productivity and profitability.


  • See how Workforce Australia can assist.

Workforce Australia  is government-funded but uses employment providers (like My Pathway) to assist different cohorts of job seekers find employment. ParentsNext caters to parents of young children, Self-Employment Assistance looks after those with more of an entrepreneurial sprit, while Disability Employment Services assists people with differing abilities. Each of these programs offer participants  access to training and support, guided by a personal mentor or consultant. They’re able to tailor a plan to build your capability and ensure  youare equipped to handle whatever role you desire.

Recently, My Pathway ParentsNext participant Billie thought her goal to drive multi combination (MC) trucks was out of reach. Alongside her consultant, Billie began making a plan and was approved financial support to obtain further licensing. You can read more about  Billie’s story here.


  • Find out what’s free on the web.

Finally, if you’re not looking to start a new career, but are instead looking to advance the one you already have, the internet is your best friend.

There’s thousands of free and affordable courses available online, covering everything from niche areas of expertise, to more  traditional certificates and degrees. Many online upskilling programs provide certification from some of the world’s biggest industry experts, like Google, Intuit and Meta, providing that extra bit of prestige on a resume or LinkedIn page.


There’s plenty of ways to upskill on a budget, which will add value to your resume, and impress your potential employers.

If you would like more information on anything we’ve covered above,  contact us  to find out more!

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