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My Pathway works with Indigenous partners and communities to co-create opportunities to achieve social and economic self-determination.
We have the experience and connection to regional and remote communities to develop new employment opportunities, local capability and skills.  

Our Impact

Our network of programs, services and activities provide pathways to positive social and economic outcomes. Over more than 15 years, My Pathway has built the capability to enable meaningful and sustainable progress alongside remote communities. 

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Employment outcomes

My Pathway connects communities, programs and employers for sustainable placements. We offer a range of employment options including contract roles, permanent roles, apprenticeships, traineeships and self-employment.
We develop long-term relationships and provide ongoing mentoring to support challenges at home or in the workplace. 


Social engagement hubs

Inclusive and accessible spaces in remote communities encourage ongoing and positive engagement. Social activities connect participants with community, culture and Country.
Our social hubs can bring community together and will lead to improved engagement with programs and access to new services.

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Community infrastructure

My Pathway coordinates discreet projects enabling participants to develop their skills , while delivering infrastructure that will benefit community . Projects may improve community security, safety or address food supply issues.
Local partnerships assist us to grow and develop community-based workforces that can support ongoing building, maintenance and renovation activities. 

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Economic and social

We partner with local Indigenous organisations to support First Nations communities to map their own futures and achieve their most important goals. Through employment, entrepreneurship and improved financial management, remote communities can reduce their reliance on welfare, unlock greater earning potential and become more socially inclusive.  

Advocating positive change

We aim to achieve positive change by engaging with a broad range of stakeholders, contributing to public policy reform, and proving the real community impacts of programs and projects.

Local voice
Sustainable change
Organisational capability
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Social impact & inclusion

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