Torres Strait CDP to be 100% First Nations owned and managed

From 1 July 2022, Gur A Baradhaw Kod (GBK) will take on full ownership and management of the Community Development Programme (CDP) in the Torres Strait. A four-year partnership with experienced provider My Pathway has enabled GBK to further develop local capability and empower Traditional Owners.

Meriba Ged Ngalpun Mab (MGNM) was established through the partnership and will transfer to 100 percent GBK-management. The CDP will continue to be operated by MGNM.

My Pathway Chair, Nicole Oke said the partnership had been established with the aim of a transition over time.

“We have been working in the Torres Strait for the past 15 years and have committed to the ongoing development of community organisations and people in the region. We developed a strong working relationship with GBK and always aimed for a transition over time,” she said.

“It’s been an incredible journey and we’re proud to have supported the growth and achievements of GBK. I look forward to seeing them continue to thrive.

“While we take a step back from CDP operations, we remain invested in other economic and social development opportunities in partnership with Traditional Owners and peoples in the Torres Strait.”

GBK Director and Kaurareg Aboriginal Native Title Corporation Chair Milton Savage said the opportunity was seized by both organisations had brought them closer to YuMi[1].

“We are excited to take on full ownership and responsibility for MGNM and the CDP. With support from My Pathway, we’ve been able to achieve this outcome and will continue to progress for the benefit of our community,” he said.

“Our region deserves the best support, experience and care possible and our partnership with My Pathway was able to deliver that. I’m confident that we now have the capability and the resources to pursue our aspiration of YuMi.”

GBK and My Pathway entered a joint venture partnership in 2018 to deliver the Community Development Programme (CDP) in the Torres Strait. This partnership established Meriba Ged Ngalpun Mab (MGNM) who will continue to operate the CDP under the management of GBK. The CDP is an initiative of and fully-funded by the Australian Government.

[1] YuMi is a Torres Strait Islander Creole word meaning ‘you and me’ and is used with permission from the Torres Strait Islanders’ Regional Education Council to mean ‘working together as a community for the betterment of education for all’,, 30/06/2022