Cairns ParentsNext program exceeds

Thanks to the dedicated support of our ParentsNext team in Cairns, Sharie-Ann has found her motivation again, picked up her uni degree and even been offered an apprenticeship through the Indigenous Apprenticeships Program (IAP) while she studies.

Working towards her long-term goal of becoming a counsellor, the new apprenticeship with Services Australia will be a fantastic opportunity to build her customer relations skills. She has a great role model for this in My Pathway Senior Employment Transition Advisor, Tara, who she has credited with a large role in helping her address her barriers.

“Before starting ParentsNext, I thought the program was just more unnecessary pressure to achieve unrealistic success. However, Tara truly understands the barriers that stop single mothers from gaining employment and works so hard to help us overcome them and has supported me in every way possible.”

Having spent just two years in the program, Sharie-Ann has accessed a range of supports including materials to help with her Bachelor of Counselling degree, assistance with drivers’ licence and registration renewals to keep her and her children mobile and help with childcare.

Sharie-Ann meets with Senior Employment Transition Advisor, Tara in My Pathway’s dedicated ParentsNext space in Cairns.

However sometimes it’s just the connection with someone who understands and believes in her that has been the most help.

“Even just yarning with you [Tara] sometimes is the uplift I need to stay focused even though you go above and beyond in many other ways. Because of all of this, ParentsNext has exceeded my expectations!” she said.

If you have a child under six years of age and would like to explore the supports that may be available to you, please get in touch with our ParentsNext team.