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My Pathway’s Businesses Systems team create solutions assisting organisations grow sustainable impact in communities.  

Saving time and Cost

Our team have greatly improved My Pathway’s organisational capability and capacity, utilising a range of automated processes to save time and focus on delivering the services that impact the lives of our participants.

Our compact, agile and multi-skilled team is now ready to partner with other organisations to create solutions. We pride ourselves on providing innovative ways to use software that many, if not most, businesses already use. We go beyond the basic uses of the Microsoft 365 suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) and develop solutions that either make use of the additional tools or processes already available in the suite or link to appropriate and safe external tools and software. These solutions can automate processes to limit handling of data, improve reporting or create better access. Whatever your problem is, our solutions can help you run your entire business.

Linking internal processes to powerful SAP enterprise software is another proven solution that we are able to assist organisations already using these programs, or looking for new software solutions, to achieve.

Our expertise and experience working with small and remote businesses and organisations is a core strength of our service and team. Our understanding and knowledge of the challenges in this space are unique and very rarely found in such a small team.

Talk to us today to find out how you can maximise your business systems, find solutions and more efficiently achieve your goals.

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