Business Systems delivering innovative services in remote regions

My Pathway business systems remote provides innovative solutions

Our Business Systems team are always looking for ways to maximise efficiency in every project they work on. Their efforts to add value to, or boost, our Community Development Programme (CDP) is evidence of their ability to find solutions and deliver innovative services in one of the most remote areas in Australia.

Set with the task of engaging and progressing CDP participants in the Cook regions through their working journey, and improve the reporting processes of that journey, the Business Systems teams created the ‘Get Ready, Get Set, Go’ app. Available to both staff and participants, and currently being utilised by staff across the Cook region, the app allows for transparent, real-time reporting on its user’s path to employment.

After registering and expressing interest in their desired industry or training, it helps match participants to job opportunities and identifies skills needed for those roles. Users can see roles that are available, and the positional requirements for those roles, and register their interest as they see fit.

The biggest benefit to the Get Ready, Get Set, Go app is it’s data sharing ability. Data from the app feed into different SharePoint lists, that staff can access at any time, and data from the SharePoint lists feeds back into the app. This allows staff to see where participants is on their path to employment, and what they need to do next to keep progressing.

Information from the app becomes the foundation for reporting and allows the Business Systems team to quickly build reports for all levels of the organisation, and relevant government departments. This information is blended with other data connected to the SAP Analytics cloud, allowing for real-time reports across all the program’s KPIS.

Currently, 374 job seekers have been engaged in their journey and registered with the app. There are 87 tickets, 110 clearances, 205 licences and 319 accredited qualifications currently being tracked and progressed. A further 148 employment placements has generated more than 900 in-work support contacts.

The design and utilisation of the Get Ready, Get Set, Go app has leveraged our businesses existing technology and is now a key feature of our CDP service. It’s an example of cutting-edge innovation in an area that was desperately crying out for it, and displays the teams expertise and experience in improving our organisation’s capability and capacity.