Pilot phase of Gamburija Gangga concludes

Lyric, a Gamburija Gangga participant in Doomadgee uses the living first languages platform on a pilot program laptop.

June 30 2024 marks the conclusion of the Doomadgee Language, Literacy Numeracy and Digital Skills Remote Community Pilot, now known as Gamburija Gangga. As with any pilot, an end to this stage is inevitable. However, it is our hope that the resources and community strengths developed, and the lessons learnt through the pilot will see Gamburija Gangga continue in the Doomadgee community to help ensure the preservation of local languages and further develop vital skills and knowledge.

Over the past three years the program has grown into a valuable aspect of the Doomadgee community. It has provided jobs for up to five staff, three of whom obtained the very first Coding Aboriginal Languages for Indigenous Literacy Certificates in the nation.

The program has also established a ‘Living First Language’ digital platform for the local Gangalidda language. These platforms aim to preserve and revitalise Indigenous First Languages and turn them into dynamic, community-led and interactive digital literacy apps. Throughout the program, participants have contributed to the Gamburija Gangga platform, which contains Gangalidda words, along with the stories, images and cultural knowledge that surrounds them.

The three organisations involved in Gamburija Gangga, Corporate Culcha, The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation and My Pathway, would like to acknowledge the enthusiasm, respect and effort the entire program management team have shown throughout the course of the pilot. The partnership of our three organisations brought this pilot to the community and has developed a fantastic opportunity for Gamburija Gangga to live on in the Doomadgee community.

Read the entire joint statement here.