The way we’re built

The way we're built

My Pathway has a national footprint of more than 700 staff providing client services and professional services across five brands. We also partner with organisations who can support our business with specialist skills and knowledge.

Meet our board of directors leading the way in defining a stronger tomorrow.

Nicole Oke
Gary Johnson
Kenny Bedford
Dr Scott Davis

Deploying a strong leadership team is important in any business when scaling for success. Our executive decisions-makers have the expertise and capability to effectively engage and guide our workforce. This in hand with our extensive infrastructure, places us in a strong position to help our clients achieve their goals.

Rob Tippins
General Manager
Remote Services
Craig Moffat
General Manager
Corporate Services
Dale Berderow
General Manager
Facility Services
Michael Bertei
General Manager
Darren Spencer
Paul Synnott
My Pathway CEO