Reasons for work and community participation

Every day we work towards getting more people into meaningful employment. This can involve developing their skills, undertaking training, community activities and supporting employers to find and bring on board new staff.

We felt it was important to capture the top reasons that inspire Australians to work and participate in their communities. And, use these reasons to help inform our people and communities about what motivates employment.

We conducted a short digital survey from June to September 2021 and promoted it with our staff, clients, and social followers. The survey attracted 309 responses from people residing in Australia who were at least 18 years’ old.

Insights included:

  • 40% cited financial stability their top reason for working
  • One in four younger employees aged 18-45 rated professional satisfaction their top reason for working, which dropped to just 9% for those over 45
  • More than half (52%) of Queensland workers cited financial stability the number one reason they undertake work compared to an average of 36% across other states and territories
  • Those with the lowest incomes (under $50,000) were most likely to consider helping others the top reason for their employment (27%)
  • When it comes to professional development, purpose consistently increased in importance, from 19% for lower incomes to 43% for higher incomes

Reasons for work and community participation.