Apprenticeships & Traineeships

My Pathway Group entity Community Apprenticeships Australia (CAA) is licenced (as a Principle Employer Organisation) to engage jobseekers as trainees or apprentices to work with employers under a hosting arrangement.

We provide apprentices/trainees and host employers alike with all the support needed to ensure the successful completion of the apprenticeship/traineeship. As the legal employer, we can also provide apprentices or trainees with a flexible range of host opportunities to offer a range of experience in your chosen field.

Our goal is to provide innovative apprenticeship and traineeship solutions connecting to the needs of the client, community and employers for successful outcomes.


Give yourself a boost with a Traineeship!

A Traineeship combines practical experience at work with structured training

A Trainee is someone who is being trained in a vocational area. These vocational areas include, but not limited to, office administration, information technology and hospitality.

Upon completion of a Traineeship you will be eligible to receive a minimum of a certificate II in your chosen vocational area. Traineeships are generally 1 to 2 years in duration. To undertake a Traineeship requires hard work and commitment.

CAA’s Traineeship programs allow you to earn while you learn, gain practical hands-on experience, receive dedicated mentoring from industry professionals and increase your likelihood of securing future long term employment. Put simply, as a Trainee, you will be employed under a training agreement that offers a stimulating combination of employment and structured training.

You will be indentured to CAA who are responsible for locating host employers who are willing to train you. We will ensure you are employed throughout your training period. We will find you a replacement host in such circumstances and the extra benefit of this is the increased scope of experience.

Our commitment to you

  • An allocated Employment and Training Officer will support you through your Traineeship
  • Arrange Trainee rotations to broaden training and employment opportunities
  • Ensure you receive sufficient training on the job
  • Ensure you are progressing with both on and off the job training

Once you have completed your qualification

You will receive a qualification certificate that is nationally recognised. You may be offered ongoing employment in your workplace or you may choose to seek other employment or future education.

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