ParentsNext grows support for vulnerable parents

Our ParentsNext teams are always looking for ways to further support our participants.

One such example of this growing support are the “Go bags” we have available at our ParentsNext sites. These discrete bags provide essential everyday items most needed by our participants in challenging and vulnerable situations.

The ‘Go bags’ include necessities such as a comforting toy, nappies, baby wipes, personal hygiene products and more. They are just one example of the My Pathway team supporting parents participating in the program who are experiencing hardship due to domestic violence. Added to our commitment to upskilling our team, our connected referral gateway allows participants a greater support network, stepping them closer to transition into employment when the time is right.

Alaynah Hensens, My Pathway ParentsNext Program Manager, stated, “The idea for the bags materialised from staff training in domestic violence awareness (DV Alert training that all our people now undertake), observations and real-life experiences and our aim to reduce the effects of gender-based violence for people in our sphere. All parts of society including businesses and workplaces need to work together and take action now”.

“Although the bags appear to be a small offering, they can make a massive difference to someone trying to distance themselves from a destructive relationship, and we have already seen it make a real difference for some of our participants” Alaynah concluded.

Fundamental to the program is recognising, understanding and overcoming the barriers parents face in reaching future employment and long-term financial security. The ParentsNext program delivered by My Pathway will continue to grow value-adding services and co-create plans to work with the unique circumstances of our parents.

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