We believe that training and education is fundamental to building stronger communities.

It is an investment in our most important resource, people. Training and education and the opportunities they provide are critical in providing not only financial security but shaping health, happiness and life in general for families.

My Pathway pursues our vision to build stronger communities by investing in you and your development. We want individuals, families, businesses and communities to succeed and we will be there with you on every step of your pathway to success.

With a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) within the group, My Pathway has a broad range of training options available for all our Jobseekers.

As a private training provider, we deliver vocational training. We are specialists in developing and delivering flexible project-based training solutions incorporating pre-employment, life skills and nationally recognised accredited training. These programmes are developed within a robust framework that combines accredited and non-accredited training with mentoring support.

We have a team of trainers, coordinators and management that together possess over 30 years of experience in designing, implementing and delivering employment pathways for groups of people socially disadvantaged such as long-term unemployed, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and disengaged youth.