My Pathway Careers

My Pathway Careers

Our organisation is growing and expanding as we develop new and innovative support services.

My Pathway are looking for employees who are committed to delivering high quality services in the health and community sectors, who like a challenge and want to be part of a workplace that values their input and contribution.

We offer a family-friendly work environment

We recognise that work and home life often overlap. We want you to see your kids perform in the school play and help your dad out getting to the doctors, that’s why we are flexible in our approach to your work hours, and happy to accommodate your personal commitments where possible.

We support a diverse workplace

My Pathway promotes diversity in the workplace with a range of gender and cultural diversity policies, staff awareness and development options. We have committed to a Reconcilliation Action Plan (RAP), gender diversity strategy and our My Pathway CEO is a Pay Equity Ambassador.

We offer career opportunities

We are a large business employing over 800 permanent staff, in over 36 sites throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory. There’s something here for the ‘you’ you are right now, and for the ‘you’ who aspires for more.

We invest in your learning and development

We are committed to helping our people reach their full potential. That means we invest in your development from the minute you walk through the door. Our team enjoys a comprehensive induction, on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring, professional development and the opportunity to attain recognised qualifications.

We invest in you

We want the best in the business and that means paying people for their contribution and offering employment conditions that are above and beyond.

We allow you time to rest and recuperate

With us you get five weeks a year to relax and unwind, because we know that putting your feet up every now and then makes our people more enthusiastic and productive.

We want you to be part of the solution

We have grown our business on ideas from our people. We value your contribution and we will look to you for innovative solutions to the everyday challenges we face.

We are family

We are a family-owned and operated company, and have been since we commenced way back in 1993. We will remember your birthday, and be there to celebrate all the big events, including those that are significant to your culture. In the hard times you can cry on our shoulder and know that we will give you the support to get you through, including personal loan assistance and fully funded professional counselling.

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