Gender equality statement 2021

Three women make "equals" signs with their forearms to show their support for gender equality

My Pathway advocates gender equality in the workplace to improve organisational capability, productivity, and performance. Supporting all genders to thrive at work enables us to bring diverse perspectives to our decision-making and reflect the communities where we work.

Enabling flexible working practises is a key contributor to helping women and men balance work and personal commitments. In many cases, flexibility has allowed our people to continue participating in the workforce or return from parental leave. It includes agreements such as adjusted or part-time hours, work from home or mobile working and additional annual leave.

We have achieved an almost equal balance of genders at the management level and recognise we need to do better at the executive level. We are confident that a continued focus on developing female talent and improved succession planning will result in more women being present on our Board and within our Strategic Leadership Team (SLT). In the meantime, our SLT benefits from guest presenters at each meeting and actively seek input from team members and stakeholders from broad and diverse backgrounds.

Some of our performance highlights include:

A reasonably balanced workforce with 57.5% women and 42.5% men across the whole business
Seven staff have accessed parental leave in the last 12 months
Our most recent pay equity review reveals a gender gap of 9.7% compared to the national average of 13.4%
New remuneration and performance review policies aim to improve transparency and fairness awarding pay, and contribute to reducing the gender pay gap
33% of staff have adopted a flexible work arrangement
94% of staff[1] agree that My Pathway does not tolerate any form of gender-based harassment, discrimination, or bullying
We are committed to staff wellbeing and regularly provide links to mental health, nutrition and exercise expertise
My Pathway promotes genuine inclusion, and we have embedded our anti-discrimination policies in our operations and culture. Its pleasing our people are clear the organisation opposes any gender-based harassment, discrimination, or bullying.​​​​​​​

Our Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Equality Strategy is central to promoting gender equality in the workplace. It includes commitments to policies, actions and promotion to encourage equality within My Pathway and our broader communities.

Paul Synnott
My Pathway CEO

[1] Employee engagement survey 2020