Disability Supports

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My Pathway Disability Supports is designed to meet the need for culturally appropriate and quality disability support services in some of our nation’s most isolated and remote communities.

Disability Supports

Growing from small beginnings in early 2020, our model centres around community relationships and the development of a local Indigenous workforce to build sustainable career pathways within communities. Our support workers progress clients toward independent living and benefit from systems and programs developed through our twenty years of remote community service experience.
We coordinate services including; in-home support, transport, community participation, employment, learning and therapy assistance. We support Australians with a permanent disability to live their lives and achieve their goals, while staying connected to family, community and country.

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Local support

My Pathway provides Disability supports in your community by employing local support workers and management staff. This allows us to provide more hours of support and offer a broader range of supports and community activities to our clients.

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Build capacity

Our Disability Supports are tailored to develop the capacity of each of our clients. Our activities support our clients to grow new skills or to relearn those lost due to injury. Our support workers are locals who know the community and can connect this development to best make use of the community environment and resources.

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Trusted service

Our Disability Supports are provided by locals to locals, meaning clients receive culturally appropriate supports from within their own community. My Pathway support workers are backed by the knowledge and processes developed through more than a decade of service delivery in remote communities.

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Therapeutic support

My Pathway assists clients with rehabilitation and recuperation support. We use dedicated teleconferencing rooms to link remote community members with medical providers from larger centres. We also regularly transport our clients to appointments and activities outside of community when needed.

Services delivered:

  • Assistance with social and community participation – assist clients to attend social and community inclusion activities.
  • Finding and keeping a job – assistance to successfully obtain or retain employment.
  • Capacity building and learning – provision of skills training, advice, or steps to assist in further education.
  • Therapy assistance – assisting clients with appointments, access to video conferencing, contextual support and budgeting.
  • In-home support – assistance with personal tasks of daily life such as household duties, personal care and daily living.
  • Transport – transport within the community (shopping, activities, excursions, social outings, events and appointments).

The scheme:


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) benefits more than half a million Australians.

To date My Pathway has:

  • Earned 93 participants across six regions
  • Helped create more than 90 new jobs
  • Delivered more than 75,000 hours of support
  • Committed to growing the NDIS offering.

Advocating positive change

We aim to achieve positive change by engaging with a broad range of stakeholders, contributing to public policy reform, and proving the real community impacts of programs and projects.

Local voice
Sustainable change
Organisational capability
Co-create opportunities
Social impact & inclusion

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