Community Development

Community development

Remote community development includes personal, cultural and business development projects designed to improve community connection and strengthen the local economy.

Community Development Program 

We partner with local Indigenous providers in remote regions to deliver the Community Development Program. Participants benefit from local knowledge and cultural understanding, supported by decades of experience and established business infrastructure.

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Cook region

My Pathway has partnered with Gungarde Community Centre, Hope Vale Foundation and Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Shire Council to support the Cook region. This represents our foundation joint venture arrangement and has provided a framework for other regions.

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Western Cape

Kuku’nathi Services is an incorporated standalone organisation developed through a joint venture initiative between Mokwiri Enterprises and My Pathway. It provides a network of services including employment, training, business solutions and project management to communities in Western Cape York.

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Ngooderi is a joint venture initiative between Doomadgee Aboriginal Shire Council and My Pathway. It offers employment, training and project management services for the benefit of the Doomadgee community.

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LLND Pilot

Gamburija Gangga

We are rethinking how Literacy, Language, Numeracy and Digital (LLND) capabilities can be developed in remote communities to create new employment pathways, improve social inclusion and preserve cultures.

My Pathway has partnered with Corporate Culcha and The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation. We are working together with the Doomadgee community to design and deliver a new program focused on developing LLND skills and preserving traditional languages.

Gamburija Gangga is one of five LLND pilots across Australia funded by the Australian Government.

Advocating positive change

We aim to achieve positive change by engaging with a broad range of stakeholders, contributing to public policy reform, and proving the real community impacts of programs and projects.

Local voice
Sustainable change
Organisational capability
Co-create opportunities
Social impact & inclusion

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