Career Transition Assistance

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About the Career Transition Assistance Program (CTA)

Connecting jobseekers who are 45 and over on a future pathway to employment, My Pathway’s delivery of CTA is committed to ensuring that its clients not only become tech savvy, but also increase their understanding about the technology around them in the workplace as well as in everyday life.

Each participant receives dedicated one-on one assistance to; understand more about the technology around them and in the workplace, learn how to promote their key selling points (transferable skills) and ensure they stand out in their job search.

Delivered across 8 weeks over 75 hours face to face, the CTA program is designed to develop new skills to boost job search outcomes.

My Pathway CTA offers individualised, practical support including the opportunity in each session to access digital technology which will build your skills across online topics such as; email, safe internet browsing, cloud based data storage, apps and social media platforms including LinkedIn.

Our program also includes device access across; PC/Laptop, Smart Phones and Tablets.

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What is Career Transition Assistance (CTA)?

Offered from the 1st of July 2019 Career Transition Assistance (CTA) is a part of the 2018-19 Federal Budget, More Choices for a Longer Life Package. The initiative is aimed at supporting mature age job seekers (45 years and older) to build confidence and move closer to the labour market.

CTA is designed to provide practical assistance to help participants gain the skills they need, with a focus on digital literacy, to move into ongoing employment.

My Pathway is part of a panel of providers which has been selected to deliver services in each jobactive employment region.

A high quality and individually tailored service that aims to:

  • support Participants to increase their confidence in the skills and experience they already have, and increase their motivation and resilience to continue looking for work especially where they have been unemployed for some time or where they have been unsuccessful in applying for jobs
  • help Participants to increase their understanding of the opportunities available in their local labour market
  • facilitate direct engagement with local employers and explore different occupations and industries through industry visits and awareness sessions
  • support Participants to better tailor their job applications to particular industries and employers
  • develop Participants’ basic Information and communications technology (or ICT) skills by providing Participants with core digital literacy capabilities required both to apply for and to work in a variety of workplaces
  • prepare a tailored Career Pathway Plan outlining the steps a Participant will need to pursue employment opportunities based on their transferable skills and the local labour market. This includes further training or education, recognising their life stage and goals
  • provide practical assistance to help mature age people to increase their employability

What is included in the course?

Our My Pathway CTA course will assist you to:

  1. Complete a Career Pathway Assessment
  2. Develop Goals and Motivations
  3. Understand the Local Job Market and Identify Suitable Opportunities
  4. Explore and Translate Transferable Skills
  5. Improve and Tailor Resumes
  6. Navigate the Job Application Process
  7. Practise and Enhance Interview Skills
  8. Increase Functional Digital Literacy
  9. Experience Different Industries
  10. Prepare A Career Pathway Plan

At My Pathway we understand the importance of supporting you after the course has completed and we do this by offering ongoing support and a network of contacts.


The My Pathway Difference

As a My Pathway job seeker, you will gain access to a strong community of professional and social networks, built over mare than a decade of experience within the Employment Services industry.

Our office locations

My Pathway’s footprint as a CTA provider will expand throughout regional North Queensland and various locations in Tasmania, connecting you to accessible employment pathways.


Location                            Address                                                                           
Cairns  130 McLeod Street Cairns, QLD 4870


Location                             Address                                                                           
Launceston 10 Willis Street (8 Boland) Launceston, TAS 7250
Burnie Burnie, TAS 7320
Devonport 2-3/69 Best Street Devonport, TAS 7310

Participant Eligibility

To participate in Career Transition Assistance (CTA), you must be aged 45 years or over, and registered with a jobactive provider.

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