Our Business Group

When working with My Pathway, you are working with the combined strengths and experience of companies within the group.

Why are there so many companies in the My Pathway group?

Our commitment to providing the best possible service, to continually improve and to address gaps in services based on community needs is the reason there are so many entities within the My Pathway family group of businesses. The result of this commitment has seen My Pathway:
  • Create viable and sustainable entities in communities to provide a service that has not previously existed.
  • Actively partnered  with entities  to  increase our capacity or to improve  service  delivery  in community.
  • Establish partnerships with community and other service providers to create a new and improved product or service.
We believe that relationships are integral to the way we do business. Relationships, partnerships and cooperation are not just words to us, but form the very bedrock of our business practices in the My Pathway group. We naturally seek to form and establish partnerships where possible to increase our capacity or to improve our service delivery. We believe that cooperation brings success, and seek to engage and work closely with communities, businesses and other service providers to ensure the best possible solutions appropriate to circumstances are delivered.  

My Pathway Facility Services have recently joined My Pathway bringing with them a long reputable history delivering trusted and personalised cleaning, security and facility services.

Backed by the capability and resources of My Pathway, including access to established and accredited quality and safety systems, My Pathway Facility Services connects businesses with innovative solutions that protect your most valued assets.

Training Connections Australia (TCA) is the training provider for the group. Providing hands on learning experiences specifically designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobseekers and the community’s needs, TCA is leading the way in experiential learning.

Community Apprenticeships Australia (CAA) is a Principle Employer Organisation that employs places people in Apprenticeships and Traineeships to undertake formal training.

Community Enterprises Australia (CEA) is a not for profit organisation which manages and delivers Community Development Programs and is a part of our group consortium as a RJCP Provider.

Enterprise Management Group (EMG) provides essential management and community development services to small businesses, Government Departments, Industry and community organisations.

Community Owned Enterprises (COE) is a not-for-profit organisation that assists micro businesses and start-ups located in regional and remote communities to progress to a point where they are financially sustainable and can be handed over back to the local community as an independent operator.

EMG Workforce provides flexible labour solutions that enable our client businesses to scale their workforce according to project requirements. We specialise in civil infrastructure, construction, general labouring and administrative areas.

Trades From Community has been specifically established to provide accredited training while learning on the job, with an end vision of supporting Indigenous trade qualified community members to become their own independent tradespeople and business owners.