Our Board

L to R: Nicole Oke, Gary Johnson, Kenny Bedford, Dr Scott Davis and Paul Synnott

My Pathway’s Directors are the key decision-makers within the business, guided by our vision of building stronger communities. They bring a range of skills and experiences that contribute to the organisation’s growth and success.

The CEO is responsible for executing the Board’s vision and reporting progress and performance.

Director, Nicole Oke, has worked with My Pathway since 2005 and joined the board in 2010 as Company Secretary and then as Chairman. Nicole’s key focuses include people management, corporate development and financial management.

Director, Gary Johnson, commenced with My Pathway in 2000 with 25 years’ experience in human resources. He was appointed General Manager in 2001 and guided the business’ expansion until his retirement in 2010. He was appointed to the Board in 2006, making him the longest-serving Director.

Associate Director, Kenny Bedford, was appointed in 2018 after holding the position of My Pathway Culture and Diversity Manager for two years. He has a deep understanding of the business’ commitment to reconciliation and adds significant cultural knowledge and experience to our Board.

Director, Dr Scott Davis, joined My Pathway’s Board in 2018 adding significant corporate governance and risk management experience. He has held several executive roles in health-related industries with a focus on regional economic and social development.

CEO, Paul Synnott, stepped into his role in 2016 bringing a passion for sustainable economic and community development in regional and remote Australia. He has 20 years’ combined experience in remote and employment services, complemented by a Masters of Business Management (MBM) and a Diploma of Employment Services.